Fertility & Gynecology

Dr. T. Ravali​

MS. OBG, Infertility specialist,

Infertility Fellow (Ferty9 hospital, Hyd)

Advance Diploma in ART &

Reproductive Medicine (Germany)

Dr Ravali Thatipamula is the passionate woman healthcare professional who believes in delivering quality medical service by finding the root cause of the decease with accurate diagnoses to offer the state of art treatment in Gynecology and Fertility.


Dr. Ravali Thatipamula had acquired masters degree in Obstetrics & Genecology (MS OBG) from Chalmeda Anadrao medical College Karimnagar during 2016-2019. She had worked as Senior resident Doctor in the department of obstetrics and genecology at Gandhi hospital 2019-2020.


Ferty9 institute offers fellowship in infertility and reproductive medicine, Dr. T. Ravali joined the Ferty9 team and acquired fellowship degree from Secunderabad during 2020-2021.


Dr. T. Ravali always strive to learn and gain knowledge on advanced treatment methodologies. She travelled to Germany to study ART and Reproductive medicine. She had successfully completed her diploma program.


Being a resident of Siricilla, She is committed to offer her esteemed services to all those women and couple who are striving for children in Siricilla district. She had gained hands on knowledge to be adept at the care of female reproductive organs health and management of obstetric complications.


She is well trained to provides adequate knowledge in clinical acumen, procedural skills and attitudes which will enable him/her to manage pregnancy and its complications, manage disorders affecting the female genital tract and problems in relation to human reproduction.

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